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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Poker time !

Birthday with friends

Seeing my baby smile

Seeing him talk shit

Winning at beer pong (water version) 4 times in a row

Watching him in his element…. “Being the cool guy”

Thinking I was the “cool girl”.  Lol

Good job on the floors JK !!!!!


Grateful my husband has a conscience when others don’t Grateful I got a lot done

Grateful for movie night

Grateful I survived… This other girl may not.  

Grateful for this sky.  

And this lil guy. 

Rainbow after storm that coulda killed me. GPS hookup went pretty well

Lunch with hubby! 

Did I say I was lucky I didn’t die in storm???

My kickball team is fucking awesome!!!

Hubby and JK seemed so proud of me!!!! 🙂

Brother helping me out…. Spoke some really cool shit today.