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Monthly Archives: April 2016


Grateful I took the time to respond to my Ma

Grateful joyce did not bug me today

Grateful I didn’t go crazy or hit anyone while lost downtown

Grateful I made it out of downtown 

Grateful for my hubby!  Turns 30 tomorrow !!!! Deserves so much more than I can give him.  

Grateful to have set up a new plan to hang out with my friend 

Grateful I made it through work without losing my mind

Grateful for all the help I received from colleagues

Grateful for cuddling

Grateful I’m taking off tomorrow to do landscaping!  

Grateful for my stupid work ethic Grateful for the little bit of sleep I got

Grateful for my determination 

Grateful for tacos 

Grateful for Chief of Pamunkey calling me back 

Grateful to be meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow 

My grandma has not been right since my grandpa died and she refuses to be with her family, any of them, everyone is worried and frustrated.  She’s there alone!  But by her choice, what do you do with that?