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Monthly Archives: March 2016

Writing a paper on Buddhism for school…. So excited!!!!  I even have to reach out and find a Buddhist center or something and talk with someone,   Woo Hoo !!  Luckily my husband studied it so I have lots of books.  

Had a great time with my parents! I can’t wait until they move closer, not too close, lol.  Having family around keeps me stable ( not that you’d know as I snap at everyone)…  Much happier.  And put school aside for 2 1/2 days… Paying the price now, but totally worth it!


Dinner was great!!!!   Everyone helped out a lot, and are tons!  Made me feel good 🙂

Skinner nailed it!!!!   I saw the begin inning of the word E.T. (Stimulus) and damnit if I didn’t react immediately by running away and yelling turn it off.  Frightened to death.