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Monthly Archives: August 2012

How do all the DBT skills and mindfulness and all the stuff we learn in group so thSt we can function smoother or whatever worth the time and money it takes to learn them if we get come at full force by people that can’t or don’t want be mindful or learn the skills we learn so we can be on the same page? Skills r great in group but up against a situation where the other person isn’t skillful but is extremely important to u, WTF!  There ends up an argument followed by blame then by more arguing and of course if u try to bring up that u don’t react as rationally as others because of my tendency to react in emotion mind I am treated as selfish or making excuses and not thinking of his feelings.  Well damnit ur feelings r what I worry about the most and that is why I don’t want us arguing.  But it just feels like a struggle back and forth of the blame game and that is hurting us more. No one needs to be right or to blame, can’t we just be upset and then wait for the feeling to pass, the what skills. Really wish he would learn the basic skills, because at this rate I am going to end up being skillfully alone.  I don’t see, in my emotional state right now, how anyone can fit with me if they aren’t skillfull.  Leave it to big things in life to make u question ur place in life. Feel so alone and fucked up.