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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Why have me buy something for us that you know would bring back feelings of the time we would spend hours together laughing and working together if u didn’t plan on working on it with me. Just set me up for disappointment and a wondering why u dont want to spend time with me doing the things we used to do. Why promise to read a book that could help our relationship and then spend every spare minute playing a video game, watching sports, or drinking? Why even get my hopes up then get frustrated with me when I feel let down or disappointed? Why not sleep with me? Why do we spend almost all evenings in separate rooms instead of compromising on what we watch? Why aren’t these things important to u? I fell in love with u for our ability to spend time together and not seperate ourselves like past relationships, yet I spend more and more time alone in the bedroom. Miss talking with u and working together on things and curling up to watch tv. Miss us sometimes.