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So I went to the Neurologist today after 2 hospital visits and I am scheduled for an MRI, EEG, and blood work….not to mention prescriptions for pain, focus, and pressure….Christ I am going to go broke just from falling on my ass.  Figures. My ignorant ass boss made me so angry today about the whole situation because I have had to miss work and with my job (probation officer) that causes a lot of problems for others and state regulations. I have a fantastic work ethic and feel horrible about what is going on and I turn tot his mother fucker for support and solutions and all he does is tell me how I have been a burden to the team and how I am not getting my work done (no shit Sherlock) ….I am trying to figure out solutions and this ignorant moron is just telling me everything I am doing wrong and how I need to work harder and be more like my colleagues and blah blah blah….all things that were never an issue are all of a sudden an issue because of this.  Well no shit ya idiot, of course my game is going to be off since I got a concussion, they’re not normal headaches genius, it is a concussion….i am getting brain testing.  What the fuck is so hard to understand?  Seriously. I am asking to come in on weekends if I can make it so no one has to do my work and he says no, then continues to give me suggestions that are not helpful or fool proof instead of working with me to solve my issue. I go to him with a valid concern, and instead of assisting his employee in finding a solution she repeats and repeats everything I have to do and how I am failing at it. God ignorant bosses irritate the shit outta me. And his boss, my Director is level headed and intelligent, so I can’t say it is all bosses. I have already talked to him about the situation and I may have to again. It is not like I want to fall behind like I am now or want to be a burden….I did not choose for this shit to happen to me and neither did my co-workers, so instead of forcing me to feel like shit and them to pick up all my slack, let me do what I can when I can.  I swear to god I need to either be the boss or work for myself because I can only take so much ignorance and stupidity, especially in those who are meant to lead me.  Made me so angry I started to cry as soon as he left.  fucker. Stress makes my condition worse and he is gonna lay all this on me everyday when I am telling him I am over whelmed and falling behind.  Lets add more stress to that…good idea. 


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  1. The problem with our current medical system is that it is geared towards diagnosis codes and insurers determining the course of treatment. When we are placed in slot “A”, it is easier to ignore how we got there in the first place and that one size does not fit all. I can see where my life took a turn from my first concussion. And the last more recent one that was actually treated and diagnosed as TBI enabled a whole new range of options. You are not your diagnosis. We are complex beings with a history and diagnoses that ignore this for the sake of financial expediency do no one a service.

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