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Monthly Archives: April 2011

DBT Therapy has begun!  I have started my diary cards and individual therapy and begin my skills group next month.  Reading a great book called The Buddha and The Borderline…..really hits home and is well written by someone who has been through the hell we live in and made it out alive.  Very inspiring.  Thank you Viera.


I don’t even know how to blog what I am feeling because I want to just move on and not make it a bigger deal than it is….but seriously?

Hey guys, been awhile I know but damn the world has been kicking my ass!  Graduate in June with my Master’s but can’t find a job that is even remotely up to my intelligence and educational standards.  So if anyone knows anyone of importance in criminal justice in the Richmond metro area please let me know  🙂  Anyway, I saw a new therapist last week and she talked to me about a very intense treatment for BPD known as DBT, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.  It takes a lot of time and money, but  is the only tested method with positive results.  So I start in a few weeks.  Excited and nervous at same time.  My relationship is great as usual….and with this treatment I can reduce some of the ridiculous arguments I start over BPD like behaviors.  Today pouting because he didnt go and get me robin eggs and then turn around and drive back to my house to give them to me before he had to leave again so I could do my homework.  Ridiculous.  Those little things and feeling so chaotic emotionally all the time are the reasons I am doing this therapy.  I want to do everything I can to better myself.  Not a cure, just the tools to handle situations better.  All of us with BPD should look into DBT.  I am kinda all over the place right now, but wanted to let people know of my new therapy decision and my excitement.  Also, this weekend is all about my boyfriend and a cabin int he woods…with a hot tub on the deck and no one but him and I and real love 🙂   God this what we need…no stress or cell phones…just us.  Clear my head of crap and I am praying to god I do not start anything this weekend.   I refuse to.  I will let everything go or hold it in if i get upset b/c I am not ruining this for us.  Got fun outfit and everything 🙂   lol   Ok, time for bed….remember anyone with connections in Richmond….help a girl out.

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The word “dialectical” simply means that two opposite things can
be true at the same time—in this case, that patients need to accept
themselves, warts and all, yet recognize that by changing their destructive
coping methods and learning other skills, they could have a better life.