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Well, I have gotten one more person in my life to understand just how deeply not having a dog is affecting me.  I just wish I could get my fiancée to understand it and appreciate how serious it is. 

We had people over last night and had a great time!!!   I was a little sleepy, but still had a lot of fun.  I needed that.  he so affectionate the whole time i love d it.  He really he is sweeter when others are around…weirs how that is.  Not that he is mean when people aren’t around, just not as affectionate…or talkative.

So, my psychiatrist put me on seroquel instead of Abilify and of course my insurance needs preauthorization for that too…so God only know if I will ever actually get to take it.  Stupid ass insurance companies just want money and not even worried about people’s well-being.  Pisses me off. 

Ok, well still not sleeping well, but did sleep a little better this morning, for like 6 to 10, so gonna go shower and clean up a little bit.  Hope everyone has a great day! Everyone pray for me and my dog size whole in my heart.


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