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Grateful for a relaxing nap all curled  up with hubby!   He checked on me all day and I can see he’s worried and happy my day was better. 

Tucked in to sleep…. I kiss that :).  Good night…. Better day than yesterday but still really off (not sure of an easier way to explain it).   

Everyone who made me laugh today…. I LOVE YOU 


Quick list

Awesome session with hubby ( really think she gets us)

Yummy dinner and talk with hubby

Fun kickball game

So you think you can dance finale… JT shoulda won

Serious shit handled at work at court in the AM. Yay!

Birthday card from patents and from granny made me cry

My birthday sweats are awesome!  

Ok need to sleep!  

Love JK’s hair!!!

48-3.   Hell Yeah.  

In too much pain to write much.  Grateful for how much I missed my husband today 🙂

Grateful my first new class seems really cool and I got some work done today.  The second one looks extremely intense and emotionally trying (group counseling intensive class) … And my dumb ass forgot to buy my books for the class … So let’s add that on the pressure!   Ugh

Grateful hubby had a good evening and enjoyed his favorite dinner… He’s spoiled!   

Grateful for a fun lunch with friends from work I rarely see… And passing the test for work when all the big wigs failed it…  That is concerning that they’re in charge… That’s the government

Very anxious about tomorrow nights appointment…. Honesty is the only way to move forward… But it hurts 

Beyond grateful for the wonderful mood or whatever you wanna call it that my hubby was in when he got home!  Really needed that hour we spent together before bed.  

Not sure I posted a grateful yesterday about my granny. 93 fucking years old yesterday!  Feel like a piece of shit I don’t see her more, she took me in when I needed most… Twice!  And she’d do it again for me in a heartbeat. Fiesty, hot tempered, politically incorrect, sexually inappropriate, intelligent, fiercely loves her family, and can make you feel like you can do no wrong…. I am my granny, and I couldn’t be prouder. Have the strongest and most amazing women in my life to look up to and turn to (including u JK!). I’m one lucky bitch! 

When I got home today from training and turned to look outside our front door I was struck by just how green and beautiful our yard is!  The colors were surreal. I don’t tell him enough but my husband works his ass off to keep it that way and I appreciate that. 

Grateful and irritated for a fun group during training…. Dialectic??

Grateful for the inmates kick ass good at the academy… Mmmmm turkey and gravy! 

Grateful my husband and I are both serious about working on us.  This is priority #1

Grateful his mom may come to stay with is on July 2 🙂 

Grateful and appreciative that he is utilizing things I try to utilize (skills) 

Grateful the flashbacks are lessening 

Grateful for my cake and movie night with my boys! 

Longest day of the year… And it felt like it!!!  

Grateful I got to talk to Denise about my coaching…. Need her to know I am serious about this and want to learn

So fucking grateful I had s breakthrough with one of my offenders…. This is why I am going to school!

Grateful we had a good evening :).  Happy Charlie Brown dance 

Grateful for the pretty yard, lol